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Gentlemen, Welcome to BlueLagoon Massage

Bluelagoon spa is known in the industry as the spa that put body rub parlours on the map before bluelagoon Spa were underground and only frequented by a few regulars.

The bluelagoon spa changed the industry by marketing mainstream hiring hundreds of girls and worked with city making the industry licensed legal and clean.

Bluelagoon now allows you to book your session online. Or just come in and pick that’s right you pick the attendant and time slot you want 12 very clean rooms with showers sinks and 2 people hot tubs. 6 to 12 ladies available for you to choose from Book your session and enjoy.

Blue Lagoon Spa has two sets of fees

The room fee is what our clients pay at the desk for use of our facility. The ladies upgrade fee is what the attendant gets for one of the services offered in the rooms and are listed also above.

Blue Lagoon Spa will always make sure that the spa including: showers, sinks, floors, towels and all our facilities are clean and spotless. If the attendant is not to what you thought was satisfactory you can choose to change up to 10 minutes into your session at no charge to you.

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